TReports 3.0 Software

Give shape to your data with TReports 3.0 with its State-of-Art technology. It will smoothly synchronize the Tally Data and will help you to build powerful reports on it. Now show the data in the form of Chats and graphs to analyze it quickly. Convert the numbers in to shapes and understand what the data is saying. For generating Dashboards, Pivots and Reports any programming knowledge is not required. Achieve in simple steps, without wasting any time.

Data Storage

  • No Data Sharing, No Cloud Upload. Keep your data safe.
  • Desktop Based MIS Tools.
  • Syncs easily with Tally.ERP 9.
  • Easy to use, Code free environment.
  • Data Driven Decisions based upon Tally Data.
  • Track your Business Anytime.
  • Tally is not required for Report Viewing.
  • Fully Secured Data at your Computer.


  • Fully Customizable innovative Dashboards.
  • Supports Multiple Dashboards.
  • User wise Dashboards as per his roles.
  • Provide a central location to access, interact, and analyze up-to-date information.
  • Detailed Dashboard – MIS at one glance.
  • Increase efficiencies with faster access to BI.
  • Better Decision making.
  • Shows Charts like Column Charts, Bar Chart, Pie Chart, Report.
  • Shows Text Indicators and Tabular Data Grids.
  • Flexibility for Business Growth.

Pivot Tables

  • High speed Excel like Pivot Table and Charts.
  • Code-free Data Analysis.
  • Create unlimited columnar reports.
  • Pivot table makes data analysis easier.
  • Filter the data to reach at the exact point.
  • Format the Data output as per requirement.
  • Segmentize the data easily and find data patterns.
  • Add remove columns, rows, filters as per requirement.

Excel to Tally

  • Export data from MS Excel to Tally.ERP 9 & Tally PRIME.
  • Can be customized as per user’s requirement.
  • No limitation on Number of Records.

For Customised Tally.ERP 9 & Tally PRIME

  • Using customized Tally.ERP 9? No problem. Supports BI on customized data.
  • Can be customized as per user’s requirement.
  • No limitation on Number of Reports.


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